About Us

Back in 1990, we started our small business in Florida but personal reasons forced us to move to another city. I was just 24 and my brother was 23 when we bought our first storefront in Harlem. Our first store here is our treasure, that’s why we decided to name the store, Vault Harlem. Little did we realize that Vault Harlem would become the successful retail store it is today.

From a surplus, our store began to carry a contemporary brand name street wear, apparels and footwear. Vault’s was a fun place to shop with outstanding selections, great value and responsive customer service. Support from the customer was tremendous. As sales volume continued to grow, additional stores, as well were added.

Vault’s Stores is a Harlem retailer of men and women contemporary brand clothes, apparel and footwear. Since our first location opened in Harlem in 1990, Vault Harlem’s Stores has been synonymous with contemporary brands, great value and great service and helping others by providing work. As of now, we have three stores all over the City and our agenda loaded with great merchandise to excite both our customers and our associates. We are committed to providing the best shopping environment with the right prices, great contemporary brand merchandise, and convenience.

Vault is a specialty store focused on introducing new and established contemporary street wear, shoes and apparels to our customers. The brands we select are influential, inspirational, and often reflects aspirational designs of today’s street culture.

We work to build a platform that presents the diverse interests of our followers. We support and showcase the abundant talent found in our community through events, collaborations and mentoring. By supporting them, we bring their works to the store and introduce them to customers.

Throughout the history of the company, store designs and merchandise may have changed with the times. However, the basic principles by which we do business remain constant.

Thank you.