Do you ever feel restless whenever you are wearing a shirt or a pair of pants that may be a little too tight for you? Or how can you walk or run well when your shoes do not fit you properly? Do you feel self-conscious about wearing loud colored clothes chosen by your mom? Do you feel out of place wearing clothes from yesteryears given to you by your aunt? Do you wish to hide or disappear upon seeing that you and the tablecloth in the restaurant you are dining at are twinning? Yup, it does not feel good, right? Although, we are not saying here that you should spend a lot on your wardrobe. What we are saying is that everyone should be comfortable in the clothes that they wear. It helps build one’s self-confidence. You may just have a handful of clothes in your closet but if everything in there fits you right and makes you comfortable, then you have all you need.

It is official. Studies show that your clothes affect and reflect how you feel about yourself. The way you dress affects your health, mood, and confidence. Scientists even have a term for this phenomenon. They call it “enclothed cognition” which encompasses the physical experience of wearing the clothes and the symbolic meaning behind the clothes. Certain clothes put you in a specific mood.  Wearing casual clothes makes you feel playful and relaxed whereas wearing business clothes makes you feel serious and formal. As such, it is also important to wear proper clothes for the occasion. You will feel embarrassed or out of place when you wear casual clothes at a formal event. You will not feel confident during your final job interview when you wear an old pair of yoga pants. If you really want that job, you have to dress up and choose clothes that empower you. During the hot summer months, you wear light clothes to fight the heat. During the cold winter months, you put on layered clothing to protect you from the cold. It is also important to have For Energy check your homes so that you can save on energy costs whether it is summer or winter.

So, what are we saying here? We are telling you that you have to dress up in a way that boosts your confidence. Your clothes have the power to put you in the proper state of health and mind. Dress accordingly. Be wise with your choices when buying clothes. Know the style that suits you best. Choose clothes that express yourself and suit your personality. Go for classic pieces that you can pair with just about everything. You can also choose different colors to go with your mood for the day or go monochromatic if that is what you like. You do not have to buy a lot of clothing pieces. You can mix and match your wardrobe so that you can dress according to the occasion. Just always remember that you can be comfortable in whatever you wear.

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