What are the kinds of products you offer?

Answer: We are in the business  of selling apparels, streetwear, footwear for men and women. We also sell the product design of our top artist and designer in our town to give them support. Kindly browse this website and see what our physical stores have in offer for you.

Is it possible to return an item a week after purchase?

Answer: If the product doesn’t have trace of being used after it was purchased, then yes it is possible to do so. Just bring the purchase receipt.

Why does my order take too long to arrive?

Answer: We usually pack and ship all your purchased item within 3 to 5 days of being ordered. Expect it to arrive at your location between 3 to 6 weeks. If your order has exceeded this time frame, kindly contact us and we will track your order for you.

Someone gave me an items that purchased from your store, but it doesn’t fit me. Can I return it without the giver knowing?

Answer: Absolutely. If you are near a Vault’s store, bring the item in with the packing slip or gift receipt. They’ll provide a merchandise credit or an exchange if they have the item you prefer on hand. If you would like to mail it in, please do so. Just don’t forget to bring the item, a copy of the gift receipt, your address and a short note to refund to merchandise credit. Then it will be sent to you.

I lost my Vault’s Rewards card, Is it possible for me to get a new one?

Answer: Yes, you can send us a message to request a new Vault’s Reward card anytime as long as it is not yet expired. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.