Top brands of contemporary streetwear that are dominating the fashion industry

Top brands of contemporary streetwear that are dominating the fashion industry

Let’s face it: Fashion is ruling around the world. Fashion trends and styles are constantly changing every year. And streetwear has changed and has been re-invented numerous times.

I think fashion magazines are becoming less popular right now, while the fashion shows no longer cover everything in the streetwear industry. Fortunately, the improvements on the streetwear blogs has made it easy for most people who are trying to keep up with the current trends in the fashion world. There are numerous blogs that you can read right now, but here are the best when it comes to streetwear fashion.

If you are looking for the latest trend of streetwear, I recommend that you just find the best blogger who covers these trends or to check social media.

Streetwear still forcefully dominates the fashion industry. Here are some of the best streetwear brands.

  • Complex Magazine Streetwear is a style of street fashion that based in Californian surf culture.
  • OFF-WHITE’s founder Virgil Abloh is currently known as the creative mind behind one of the most wanted after high-end labels right now, he actually got his start in 2012 making graphic tees under the now-defunct streetwear brand. In interviews, he often enumerates labels like Supreme as his earlier influences. Off-White, streetwear has stayed within the realms of its origins.

When it comes to the top brands in streetwear fashion, here are just some of the best:

  • STUSSY — owner Shawn Stussy started his company 1980. His company has benefited from the surf wear trend in California that has largely been adopted by the hip-hop and streetwear scene. Stussy, is now a well-known brand over streetwear fashion.
  • SUPREME — established in 1994 in New York. The brand produces clothes, accessories and manufactured skateboards. Now, just like Stussy, Supreme is a million-dollar streetwear brand

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